Aircraft Seating
All aircraft seats are stripped down, inspected, and restored to original or better comfort and style. This includes everything from utilitarian to executive seating using FAR rated decking, foam (polyurethane or comfor), inexpensive tweed, vinyl or top quality leather to the original design or customized. We also offer the option of sheepskin covers for crew and slip covers for all passenger seating to prolong wear and facilitate the switching from commuter carrier to executive. 

Aircraft Carpeting
Carpeting is always fitted to perfection and can be fastened with Velcro or dome snaps. This photo is an example of Aeromat, which is a PVC vinyl carpet that is both attractive and durable and as such, perfect for cockpit area and in med-evac applications. We have bound it with a vinyl binding and dome-snapped it in place with black domes. This application will last a long time and be easy to maintain.

We have a large sample line of FAR rated nylon, wool, and combination carpets in a variety of loop and cut pile, and can fit carpet into any aircraft for all applications.