Smithís Upholstery & Quality Aircraft Interiors
-excerpt from the Portage la Prairie Chamber of Commerce "Informer" Newsletter

Noel and Leann have been in the upholstery business for 25 years now, doing residential upholstery and furniture repairs, as well as upholstering and building furniture for restaurants and other businesses.

Their newer business, Quality Aircraft Interiors, has "taken off" now that they have Approved Maintenance Organization Certification from Transport Canada. Refinishing interiors of airplanes is an extremely complex and paperwork-heavy job because of the stringent safety requirements. Special materials are needed for aircraft, and itís been a real learning experience finding suppliers, as well as getting their business known all over North America. They recently won a design competition in the Upholstery Journal for the interior of a Kingair 200 corporate aircraft.

Itís not unusual for them to do overnight jobs in both aspects of their business. They can reupholster restaurant furniture between closing one night and opening the next morning. Airplanes fly in one evening, and the furniture is removed, redone and in place for the plane to leave the next day.

Noel and Leann have a daughter in second year university, and volunteer at Fort La Reine Museum and at their church. Noel is an outdoorsman and gardener; Leann does handicrafts, and has a ladies clothing home business. Smithís Upholstery has been a Chamber member since 1996.